Travel Secure With A Lewis N. Clark luggage RFID Passport Shield

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With the increase threat of scammers reading information on passports and credit cards, it is important to secure all personal information with a passport shield. Available on the market is a Lewis N. Clark RFID passport shield that will protect all the information on both passports and credit cards.

Newer passports have a microchips and radio antennas in them that are able to be read from a distance away by any unscrupulous identity thief anywhere in the world. To safe guard the information on that chip it is advisable to use a Lewis N. Clark passport luggage passport shield which will block anyone from reading your personal details.

The luggage passport shield fromLewis N. Clark is 100% polyester, measures 3 inches high and 10 inches long. It has multiple compartments for credit cards as well as documents and for a passport. It zips fully closed and is quite light in weight. They may be hung around the neck or strapped around the waist. This passport shield is made in China and is available from Amazon. They price around the $15 mark

A cheaper version of Lewis N. Clark RFID passport luggage shield is made from paper. It is very compact and lightweight, water and is tear resistant and retails around $5. This product is also made in China and available from Amazon.

The Lewis N. Clark RFID neck stash is made from nylon, has adjustable straps with a hook and loop fastener. It is 5.5 inches high and 8 inches wide and retails for around d $14. It is ideal to keep passports and important documents secure and protected from scammers.

As an added bonus Lewis N. Clark has an RFID aluminum wallet that will hold up to 10 credit cards. It is lightweight and is 4 inches by 2.5 inches and small enough to slip into a pocket.

There is quite a large variety of styles of luggage passport shields on the market, so it is recommended that you research the one that will be suitable for your particular needs to protect your personal information when traveling. It is advisable to use a Lewis N. Clark luggage passport shield because it is becoming increasingly harder to control scammers and identity thieves as they use the latest technology to not only hack into your personal information over the internet but may simply walk past you anywhere with a device that is capable of reading all the information stored on your passports and credit cards.

The Lewis N. Clark RFID luggage passport shieldis quite simple to use. Simply slip the passport and / or credit cards into the compartments and close the zip. Either attach it around your waist or use the strap to hang it around your neck.

It may be more of an advantage to use the waist strap, so that you aren’t bothered by something hanging from your neck while traveling, and there will be less chance of an opportunistic thief ripping it off if it is strapped around the waist.

It is a wise person who invests in a Lewis N. Clark Luggage RFID passport shield as part of their essential luggage. It will save not only money but will free the traveler mind of any worry that their personal details may be compromised during their travels.

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