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When traveling, comfortable clothing is essential for both men and women and pants are an important piece of luggage for everyone.. The modern trend today allows a plethora of choice for the traveler when it comes to choosing travel pants.

No matter where one travels in the world, having travel pants that look elegant and are acceptable in any society is important. Women have an advantage with the styles available on the market today as most travel pants are able to be worn with both high heels and hiking boots. They are light weight and don’t take up much room in a suitcase.

Travel Pants for Women:

Skyler have manufactured a travel pant for women that are versatile. They are able to be worn for business and still look professional, travel Europe in them and you won’t stand out as a tourist.

Wear them in a village in Thailand and you won’t be out of place and they even wear well when trekking. They stretch enough to allow freedom of movement and won’t feel restrictive on the body.

Men versus women:

Men often require a different style of travel pantto women, because their activities may be more rugged.

When they travel most men look for pants that are wrinkle- resistant, quick drying, and are made from breathable fabric. Hidden pockets in a pair of travel pants are an excellent idea for anyone traveling into a risky area to hide their wallet or keys.

A Man’s Choice

There are a few choices on the market today for travel pants for men. It is simply a matter of working out what your requirements are in a pair of travel pants.

Bluffwork pants is a brand that is available for the traveling man and were designed by a man who got tired of ironing his office pants all the time. They are made from 100% breathable quick dry polyester that is machine washable and they still retain a tailored look.

When looking to purchase travel pants it is important to have a style that will suit you no matter where you travel. They need to be made of a fabric that will absorb the moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable, particularly if you are traveling in a tropical environment.


For the man who likes their travel pants to be shorts, there is a vast range to choose from on the market. Most have multiple pockets to store all the essentials like keys wallet, phone, and maybe even a snack of two. Mainly made from polyester, cotton and nylon these shorts are lightweight, quick drying soft to touch and are durable.

Travel Jeans

Jeans are another item of clothing that is widely used as travel pants. The modern travel denim fabric is made to suit any activity, from camping biking or just in the boardroom.

Jeansmade by Vigilante cover all requirements as they cater for a leaner built person as well as a more robust figure. They are wrinkle-resistant and lightweight, indubitably suited to any style of travel.

Tilley manufacture jeans that are made of Tencel and is suitable for both men and women to use a travel pants. Tencel is basically a type of rayon that is absorbent, faster drying and less wrinkly which are all the criteria required for comfortable travel pants.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are an ideal choice to use a travel pants as they have multiple pockets to use for a variety of items. They have zippered security pockets and back mesh pockets that button down.

So handy if you are traveling in an area where pick pockets are prone to hang out, as it a little hard to pick a pocket that is buttoned. Some cargo pants have styles with zip-off legs. Theses styles suit both men and women.

There is a style of cargo travel pants for women that are made from Polyester, nylon and spandex, with four way stretch for comfort and is very durable. There is a hidden pocket on the inside right hip, with cargo pockets on the right thigh and two pockets on the front hip.

Best of all is the hidden zippered pocket on the ankle. This machine washable cargo travel pant is manufactured by Betabrand.

On the whole there is a style of travel pants suitable for every one . The choice is a personal one as everyone has different requirements for their travel pants.

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