5 Travel Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

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travel essentialsThere are so many places to travel and so many things you can do, from exploring rain forests and reefs to deserts, trying mountain climbing, snow skiing, the list just goes on. But there are always some travel essentials that you need to take with you, no matter what adventure with you.

1. Luggage

This one might be a no brainier. But a lot of travelers either over pack and take too much luggage or under pack and don’t take enough with them.

Make sure you know where you are going and what you are doing when you get there. If you live in a tropical climate and are going to the snow, you obviously need to take the right luggage with you to have enough room for winter clothing or to pack anything additional that you might buy when you are there.

If you’re planning on doing an adventure tour, you might want to consider taking a backpack, so you can take a bottle of water, and carry and personal effects with you.

2. Something to read

Without a doubt, any one that has traveled in their life, would of at some stage been stranded at the airport waiting on a delayed flight. Having a book handy gives you something to do while you wait. Here a great list of the top 10 books to take with you when you travel.

3. Toilitries

With airport security the way it is these days, you might not be able to travel with aerosol deodorant and a razor for shaving. But you should be able to carry a hair crush and toothbrush and toothpaste no problem at all, most places you travel. You’ll be amazed how much better you will feel with clean teeth.

4. Electronics

Everyone in the developed world, seems to have a smart phone these days, I don’t always travel with mine. But the one thing I don’t leave home without is my trusty laptop, anything longer then a day trip I pack it with me.

But also think about camera, i pads, portable HD’s, these are all things that can make a trip a lot more enjoyable if you have them packed with you.

5. Leaving a Travel Itinerary

This is one of those travel essentials that most people forget about until they need it. But it’s always advisable to leave a travel itinerary with friends or family so they know where you are.

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