How To Pick The Best Travel Backpacks

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When purchasing a travel backpack it’s important to take into consideration just where you will be traveling to, what activities that you may undertake on your travels and if that is going to be the only piece of luggage that you will take with you.

No matter whether you travel the world regularly or are just weekend hikers and campers travel backpacks will become like an extension of your body. There are several types of travel backpacks available such as hiking backpacks, laptop backpacks, and casual backpacks. Some ladies prefer to use small travel backpacks instead of a handbag as that frees up their hands ready to rummage for bargains.

Some travel backpacks have wheels that allow them to be pulled on smooth surfaces and carried over rough terrain. Anti-theft backpacks are also available as an extra security measure. The hiking travel backpacks are usually large enough to fit in a sleeping bag along with all your other requirements. They are manufactured with proper harness support so that the weight is evenly distributed and you don’t tire easily.

Choosing the right Travel Backpack

Choosing the right travel backpack for you may take some time to consider. If you are intending to trek and carry all your requirements in a backpack, then you might like to think about a Cancun 70L polyester backpack.

These are made by Black Wolf and weight around 2.34kg and have a ladder harness with a cover that is fully gusseted. It has internal security pockets and molded zip tabs. The best part of this product is the detachable day backpack. It too has two compartments and some safety features. These travel backpacks retail for around $168.

If traveling with children then a travel backpack for a child is an excellent way for them to be responsible for their own personal items. They weigh around 345 grams (12.2ozs) and are made from lightweight polyester. They feature padded straps and have water bottle pockets and a reflective label. They retail for around $49.

There are travel backpacks available that have an excellent compatible feature of a hydration bladder that is sold separately. These are the Phantom 5L Hydration backpack. They are suitable for short trips and are designed to encourage airflow. They weigh 390gms and have padded shoulder straps as well as a waist strap and have several reflective details. It is designed with a zip compartment in the rear and a separate compartment in the front.

A daily commuter would benefit from a travel backpack that fits all their criteria. It is large enough to carry a laptop, a change of clothes, gym gear, perhaps a basketball and lunch. This is the 28L Commuter Laptop backpack. It is rainproof and is reflective so as to be seen day or night in any types of weather. It is lightweight at 1.05kg.

The Voltai 40L Women’s Backpack is specifically designed to contour a woman’s body. It has shoulder straps and hip strap and has a shorter back length. It weighs 1.19kg and has the added bonus of a compatible hydration sleeve able to be purchased separately.

So no matter where you intend to travel there are several travel backpacks on the market that will be suitable for everyone, from adults, men and women’s to children’s. It is a personal choice as to which one suits the individual’s requirements.

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