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Therm-A-Rest’s groundbreaking sleeping mats have been changing camper’s lives the world over for 35 years. Now industry leaders in the field their tent-friendly mattresses technology has been upped with their latest and lightest sleeping pad yet. The Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress is the ultimate in terms of both comfort and carry-ability. In short it is every backpackers and hikers dream mattress!

Why You Should Buy IT !

The number one reason why you would buy the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress over any other mattress is its lightweight credentials. At just 0.8kg it’s barely noticeable in terms of pack weight, but it’s certainly something you’ll be glad to have packed when it gets to the end of the day! For this sort of weight, Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress is extremely well priced and actually comes in cheaper than other less reputable brands.

This is amazing, because Therm-A-Rest really are one of the leading brands in the sleeping mat world! As a company known for their durable, reliable and high performance products, the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattressis no exception. Made in the US, it is also guaranteed by a lifetime warranty. Now that’s hard to beat!

Features and Benefits

In addition to being extremely lightweight, the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress, is also amazingly compact and comes with a handy stuff sack, which will allow the mattress to fit into almost any carry-on sized bag. This is due to Therm-A-Rest’s die-cut foam technology, which keeps both the weight and size of their Trail Lite model down considerably.

The company’s excellent sleeping mat technology also ensures great comfort and many reviewers write of the excellent back support the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress gives. Backing this up (pardon the pun!) is the product’s brilliant insulation credentials.

Indeed it has a 3 season rating and 3.4 R Value, meaning it really should be suitable for most hiking, camping and backpacking adventures. In addition to this, a women’s version of the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress has also been designed with better insulation at the hip and torso areas to give females, and cold sleepers, extra support and warmth in these commonly uncomfortable and cold areas of the body.

The Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress comes in 2 sizes – regular (51cm x 183cm) and large (63cm x 196cm). Most people seem to agree the regular sized provides ample sleeping space unless you are very tall. Both sizes come in one colour – a clover green, which is surprisingly likeable!

Really Cool Features

The Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress is self-inflating, which means it blows itself up simply when you open the valve at the top corner. The thickness of the mattress can then be topped up to its maximum capacity by an additional few short breaths into the valve. Forget huffing or puffing or having to lug cumbersome pumps along, the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress does it all by itself!

To pack away the sleeping mate when traveling, simply open the valve and squeeze the air out by starting to roll it up from the bottom. This is certainly the best way to compress your Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress into its smallest, stuff sack-ready, size. For longer periods of non-use, we actually recommend you leave the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress slightly inflated and rolled out.

This will limit damage to the die-cut technology and also help to limit the potential of it going mouldy. So, what are you waiting for? Get the Therm-A-Rest Trail Lite Mattress for your next trip!

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