The Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multi-tool Review

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A multi-tool is an essential item to carry whenever you are traveling or even just working around the home. The Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multi-toolhas an excellent one on the market suitable for any adventurer.

A versatile item, the Leatherman 830846 Skeletool Multitool is a must have for any traveler. The body of the multi-tool is made from Stainless Steel with aluminum handles and it is manufactured in Portland Oregon U.S.A. it was established in 1983 and it is still going strong thirty two years later.

The butterfly opening has strong hinges and allows it to be opened with one hand as it sits very comfortably in the hand. It only weighs around 5 ozs and has a 25 year warranty; it is classed as one of the most versatile tool on the market.

The multi-tool features a saw, carabiner/ bottle opener, a knife and a screwdriver that has access to four different screw heads. It has wire cutters, and is capable of cutting barbed wire. The Multi-tool also has needle nose as well as regular pliers which aren’t spring loaded. The pliers don’t have a lock on them however they never come open on their own, so the Leatherman’s 830846 Skeletool is safe to have attached to climbing gear.

The multi-tool folds up to be 4 inches in length and will clip on to a belt or vest or can be used with the detachable belt clip. There is storage in the handles for the bit pieces used with the screwdriver. It has a combo knife with the blades of the Leatherman 830846 Skeletool multi-tool measuring 2.6’ long with one being half serrated.

It has the capacity of being able to be used with one hand. Parts of the Leatherman Skeletool Multi-tool has a diamond like coating finish to it, which is a hard carbon based coating to give resistance to scratches and wear and tear.


There are other styles of Leatherman Skeletools multi-tools available on the market and while some have as many as 14 tools, the 830846 Skeletool has 7 tools has proven to be the most popular one purchased.

Although it has only the seven tools they are the ones that are used most on any excursion, whether it is a camping trip, a hike or for use just around the house, you will find one of those seven tools will get you out of trouble every time.

Sometime even when you are driving or cycling things may go wrong so the all-purpose Leatherman 830846 Skeletool is an excellent little compact tool to have on board for any minor repairs. It will fit snugly in the glove box of a car or the pannier of a cycle.

The Skeletool multi-tool sells on Amazon, retailing for around $70 or less. For people on the go, it is worthwhile investing in one of these Leatherman 830846 multi-tools. People in the IT industry also find this Leatherman Skeletool Multi-tool an asset to have in their tool box.

This Leatherman Skeletool 830846 Multitool is a compact versatile usable tool with few frills that would suit any handyman or woman, around the home, office, workshop or even when traveling. I would recommend purchasing one of these multi-tools.

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