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The small bottles known as GoToobare revolutionizing the way I now carry my travel toiletries.

Increasingly confined by airline restrictions around liquid quantities and checked baggage size, getting your pack or suitcase down in volume has never been so crucial for comfort, ease and price when traveling,

Inevitably, this means carrying less toiletries with you, so instead of taking a full sized bottle of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream or moisturizer, travelers are increasingly only taking the amount of these products they will specifically need while on a trip.

Sure you can now buy mini-sized versions of lots of your favorite products, but this can get expensive and I do always feel guilty about the extra amount of plastic this endless consuming of mini products necessitates.

As such, I’ve been delighted to come acrossGoToob. These small bottles are made of silicone, are wonderfully BPA and PC free and are also food safe. And, best of all they can be used again and again, making them much more environmentally friendly than small bottles of toiletries that are simply discarded after every use.

Reusing GoToob – repeatedly filling them, or topping them up with the toiletries you need for your trip – can also save you money. No need to buy an ongoing stream of mini toiletries, you can just simply empty part of your container at home into these small bottles and spend nothing!

Having a smaller amount of toiletries in your luggage will also help you save more money by contributing to lower excess baggage fares, and may potentially help you avoid baggage fees altogether.

This is because GoToob are brilliantly designed to fit into your carry-on luggage. Yes, because these small bottles are under 100ml, they come within most airline liquid restrictions and can be taken on board with you. This is a godsend for anyone on a long-haul flight, where having some moisturizer on board with you can be a lifesaver!

Made from a rugged silicone, Go Toob are brilliantly easy to squeeze, meaning you can get every last drop of your shampoo out – a sure fire money saver too! FoToob comes in a pack of 3, each a different colour, so that you can easily identify which of the small bottles hold which of your products.

GoToob are light, easily to pack, durable and guard against leakages with a simple no-drip cap. These small bottles also have large opening to ensure filling them is easy to.

So don’t waste your money buying mini-sized toiletries anymore, just invest in GoToob and save yourself time, hassle and money; for less than $15 they are a real bargain!

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