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Getting a good amount of sleep is crucial in staying fit and healthy while you’re travelling. Yes, ear plugs and eye masks help, but a decent pillow will do wonders when it comes to getting some good shut-eye.

For long haul flight / bus or train journeys, a decent travel pillow is a must. The difference it will make to helping you sleep better and therefore arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed and alert is incomparable.

The Tempur Transit Pillow is a lifesaver when it comes to napping on travel journeys. Specially designed to mould to the contours of your neck, the horseshoe design makes sure your head is properly supported for maximum comfort and rest.

Lightweight, with a washable cover and 3 year warranty, the Tempur Transit Pillow is, without fail, one of our top travel equipment items.

Besides its comfortable shape, the Tempur Transit Pillow also contains a temperature sensitive, visco-elastic material, to increase a sense of support, pressure relief and well-being. It keeps you cool and fresh, ready for your arrival with the maximum amount of comfort on the way.

At 30 x 28 x 8cm in size, the Tempur Transit Pillow is perfect for taking as carry-on luggage or packing into a small bag or suitcase. It really is a luxury travel item with a budget traveller price tag.

Whether on holiday, or travelling for business, taking the Tempur Transit Pillow with you, will allow you to feel the comforts of home while on the move.

Also available from Tempur, is a luxury sleep mask which completely blocks out light, while softly cushioning the eye area allowing you to rest no matter where you are.

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