My Travel Equipment Epiphany: Rolling Backpacks!

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So one of my favorite things about writing for this website, among others, is all the cool travel products I get to discover – things I’d never research of my own accord and therefore probably never know about! After all, that’s the purpose of Top Travel Equipment – to bring you all the info about the best gear on the market and save you the hard work of having to find it yourself!

So my latest discovery is the joyous world of rolling backpacks. I know, backpack with wheels as well, how brrrrilliant!

These handy little fellas are incredible versatile and useful for almost everyone. From business travellers look for a great combination bag, through to weekenders who want a luggage piece they can carry onto the plane and then use as a backpack in their destination, rolling backpacks are the way forward I tell you!

My pick of the bunch is the Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack. This great piece of luggage is both sleek, stylish and incredibly functional.

As far as rolling backpacks go, the Pegasus Convertible from ECBC is hard to beat. Small enough to be used as carry-on luggage during a flight, this great bag is then easily converted into a 50l backpack, simply by unzipping the cleverly hidden back storage unit to reveal a set of high-spec backpack straps. Then, when you’re done with the straps, simply zip them away again and wheel the bag wherever you want.

Continually receiving rave reviews, the Pegasus Convertible is of the best rolling backpacks due to the level of quality of its features.

At the front of the bag there is a designated electronics section that includes a laptop pocket, fitted with high-density foam, which adequately protects any device with up to a 15” screen.

In this section, there are also pockets for your smartphone and tablet, as well as a nearby mesh pouch perfectly designated to hold cables, USB drives or other electrical goods you may need quick access to.

Perhaps the beat feature that differentiates the Pegasus Convertible from other rolling backpacks however is the built-in charging pocket it has. As each Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack comes an ECBC Portable Power Pack, worth $43, there is a designated pouch in the front section of the bag that holds this great charging station.

This means that, even when you are on the move, you can simply and efficiently charge any of your electrical devices from within your bag. How good is that?

In addition to all these great technology assistance features, the Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack also has a multitude of other compartments that allow you to easily organise and your clothes and essentials neatly and compactly. All sections within the bag are fitted with the highest quality zippers including a great water bottle holder, which is another super, practical feature.

Certainly one of the best rolling backpacks on the market, the Pegasus Convertible is water resistant and is made from Kodra Nylon, a near-indestructible material that has been rigorously tested in a variety of outdoor conditions.

The Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack is available in 4 stylish colours and weighs only 9lbs / 4kg. It has a snapback ID tag and contains the ECBC FastPass® System, which is specifically designed for a fast and efficient process through airport security.

So if you’re looking at rolling backpacks for your next trip, strongly consider purchasing the Pegasus Convertible Wheeled Backpack for a stylish, simple model designed with technology and your comfort in mind.

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