No More Tangled Necklaces with this Great Jewelry Organizer 

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Hate it when you get to your hotel room or holiday apartment and then have to spend time not only unpacking your clothes, but also untangling your jewelry? If so, look no further than the Soloportis Jewelry Organizer.

This back velvet bag, with zipper compartment is designed to brilliantly, safely and easily store all the pieces of your jewelry while you’re travelling.

The Soloportis Jewelry Organizer is a soft pouch that either lies flat or can be rolled up (then tied with attached ribbon) to fit in any bag or carry-on luggage. Only the size of small clutch bag, this product is compact and takes up hardly any storage space. It is also soft and pliable, rather than rigid and cumbersome, making it easy to pack around other items.

With 5 pockets, both large and small for different sized items, this organizer holds everything from delicate earrings to bulky necklaces in handy separate compartments. This brilliantly stops items from entangling themselves or getting lost.

The elegant and sleek design of the Soloportis Jewelry Organizer is perfect for the business traveller or light packer looking for an effective jewelry organizer. I particularly love the clear pouches of this product meaning you can easily see what is contained within each pocket without having to rummage around to find the piece you’re looking for. A great time saver when you’re late to go out for dinner or to a meeting in the morning, the pockets aren’t so deep that you will lose any bits at the bottom either

With the Soloportis Jewelry Organizer you can easily keep your rings safe and your earrings together as pairs. Zippered compartments guarantee nothing will fall out or be lost in transit. The product also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

So if you’re looking to stop your necklaces angling when travelling I highly recommend you check out the Soloportis Jewelry Organizer. For a small and easy-to-pack travel item that will help save you time, it’s a real winner.

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