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Hammocks are a unique piece of equipment used for all manner of adventuresHennessy Hammocks are one of the most popular available on the market.

Choosing the right hammock for the venture that your going on is important. Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe is a foot longer than the normal hammock and holds up to 300lb /136kg and will suit anyone who is as tall as 7 ft. / 213cm tall.

With a side zip opening access is easy no matter the size or weight of the person who intends to use it. It may be insulated to protect from cold or rainy weather also has a mosquito net to allow the user to escape those noisy pests.

The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe is used by a variety of adventurers, as well as army personal in war zones. Because it is light weight it is easy to pack.

A racing cyclist is able to pack one into the pannier of their bike because it’s compact and ultra-light. Easy to set up at the end of a long day and is just as easy to dismantle next morning.

No matter what adventure the user is on, packing a Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe, which weighs around 2.25 lbs. is a smart thing to do. It will allow you to set it up anywhere, attached to a couple of trees in the vicinity of a camp or else as a tent on the ground in an emergency. The side entry zip and insulation will guarantee a good night’s sleep.

One of the most important uses that the Hennessy Hammocks Explorer Deluxe is used for is in disaster areas. Relief workers use them during their work cleaning up after Hurricanes, cyclones earthquakes and floods.

Fire fighters also have been known to use them during their battle with nature. Medical personal also favor the hammocks when they trek from village to village in remote parts of the world tending to the medical and dental requirements of the under privileged.

The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe has the ability to have an insulation pad fixed in between the bottom two layers of fabric. As the hammock is designed to be suspended above the ground it’s important to have an insulation pad for those cool nights. These insulation pads may be purchased separately from any supplier of the Hennessy Hammocks. They attach with clips between the bottom two layers or between a sleeping bag and the bottom fabric.

Classic or Zip

The classic bottom entry hammock automatically closes with the weight of a body and fastens with Velcro. If choosing the style that has a zip you will discover that a heavy duty full length zip is used with the side entry hammock. However it is a personal preference which one you choose to use.

All Hennessy Hammocks come with a rain fly, mosquito netting, support ropes and instructions on how to use them. Hennessy’s will customize a hammock to suit the individual person as required.

Choosing to purchase any style of Hennessy Hammocks, from the Explorer Deluxe Asym Classic or Zip, the Ultra-light Backpacking Asym Classis or Zip to the Jungle Safari Zip, is a choice that should be made to suit the adventure that you are going to undertake. Whichever you choose, you are assured of a quality hammock from Hennessy’s.

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