Everything You Need To Know About The Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack

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Have you heard of the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack? No neither had I until a friend told me about it recently when I was discussing how to keep my phone charged during my forthcoming extended road trip round Australia.

With minimal access to power, I was telling her I needed a portable battery that could keep all my small and necessary electricals ready for action. I’d done some research, but it seemed impossible to find anything that would be efficient enough AND able to withstand the rough conditions we’ll no doubt be encountering on our 4wd adventure.

Then she told me about the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack and I was blown away. This little diamond really is the only think you need to keep phones, cameras, tablets and other small electrical devices charged whilst on the road or the trail. Extend your adventure, document your journey and stay connected with this one simple device.

The brilliance of the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack really lies in its small and robust design. At under 0.3kg (9ozs) this minuscule and lightweight device is perfect for backpackers, road trippers, campers and hikers, anyone who wants to keep luggage small and weight down on their travels. In fact the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack is just beyond the scope of fitting into the palm of your hand – who can argue with that?!

But size isn’t the only thing here, No the Power Pack is also incredibly durable and made to withstand some of the toughest travel conditions. For a start, it’s has a hard rubber casing. Secondly, it’s waterproof. I know, a waterproof battery! This is every campers’ and hikers’ dream design feature – I certainly know it’s mine. The Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack is a charger you can use to connect your phone in the pouring rain or your camera in a deluge. How good is that!

This natty little battery is also able to power up via an inbuilt solar power charging tip and has a dual USB ports, which means you can charge 2 devices at once or share with a friend. It’s good to know that using both ports at the same time won’t compromise their output, which is advertised as high speed. In fact, the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack is repeatedly described as the most efficient charger in its size range. This could be a real lifesaver if you’re out in a national park or remote wilderness.

For that is certainly where I’m planning to use this great product. The Outback of Australia is a notoriously sparse and remote land and, having this dreamy little Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack, will be a godsend when I need to take a photo or write an article on a low battery piece of equipment.

We’ve already got the solar panel to take care of the fridge and larger electrical items such as laptops, so the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack will be such a help for keeping the smaller smartphones and tablets on full power too.

I love that the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack is cable free and therefore totally does away with the tendency for everything to get tangled up, lost or damaged, Instead it has a built-in micro USB tip, which is smart, efficient and stylish. The LED display unit on the product clearly tells you the status of the battery and there is an excellent inbuilt flashlight too.

The Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack will also run a quick test every time you plug in a item to ascertain which charging profile will work best, and, if you plug in a device regularly, it will also remember this profile without having to run any tests at all.

So if you’re looking to keep your phone, tablet or camera charged while the road or on the trail, check out the Goal Zero Venture 30 Power Pack and rest assured you’re getting a premium product you can depend on.

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