FlipBelt is the Perfect Hands-Free Solution for Outdoor enthusiasts

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The FlipBelt is the perfect hands-free solution to anyone looking to go camping, hiking or exploring the great outdoors. This makes the FlipBelt a perfect accessory to take travelling with you, especially if you plan on partaking in any sort of activity, adventure, sport or excursion while you’re away.

A simple tubular belt designed to safely and securely hold any essentials you might need, the FlipBelt allows you relax, worry-free, and just get on with enjoying whatever you’re doing. Just slip it on like a pair of pants and store of your essentials securely it its perfectly sized multiple pockets that boast secure and easy access.

Perfect for carrying credit cards, headphones, keys, phones, cameras, wallets, maps or other small essentials you might need to take adventuring, the FlipBelt is an all-in-one carry solution, that won’t slip, come loose, chafe or ride up. Instead, it firmly and safely takes care of your stuff so you can concentrate on where you’re going or what you’re doing.

Essentially playing the role of a backpack, armband and fanny pack combined, let me first allay your fears by stating that the FlipBelt looks a lot more attractive that any of these! Ingeniously, the FlipBelt is also a lot more useful and practical, because it brilliantly holds your belongings firmly and snuggly against the sides of your body.

This means it stops all your essentials bumping around will you hike, climb, run or ride and will limit the potential of them both distracting and hurting you, as well as limit any potential damage to the articles themselves. The FlipBelt is quick drying with a quality reflective logo and also boasts an internally secured hook.

In addition to this useful adventure and active purpose, the FlipBelt is even more relevant for travellers. This is because, by turning the belt so that the pockets face inwards, you can use the FlipBelt to store valuables and important documents safely and discreetly under your clothes, significantly limiting the chance of anything getting stolen while abroad.

The FlipBelt is an iconic newly designed product by Level Terrain Apparel in the USA and distributed worldwide. With maximum stretch and recovery stitching, as well as being super lightweight and with an active wear fit; the FlipBelt really is a top quality purchase. It’s machine washable and can be dried naturally or on a low tumble.

There is also a fantastic range of colours available for you to choose from. Shipping for this incredible product is available free of charge within the US and there is a 100% customer satisfaction policy, which means you can easily return the product or claim a refund if you are not fully happy or satisfied. The FlipBeltcomes with a 1 year Guarantee and is a bargain priced at only $28.99

Currently taking the adventure and traveler market by storm, get your hands on the FlipBelt here and enjoy an active and outdoor life stress-free.

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