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Filter, clean and safe tap water anywhere in the world, that’s what the ground-breaking technology that is Bobble allows you to do. This simple invention comprises of a small filter that sits within a designated water bottle. It’s easy to use, long lasting, refillable, recyclable and can help both your pockets and the environment.

Prefect for travelers, Bobble is designed to filter waterfrom any municipal tap in the world. Simply fill the bottle with regular tap water and, as you drink through the designated cap, the attached filter automatically removes any impurities, making the water safe and clean to drink. In the many areas around the world where tap water doesn’t taste good, Bobble provides a new and simple way of consuming water safely.

Reusable time and time again, Bobble also provides you with a more economic way to consume water while travelling, drastically reducing your need to continuously spend money on buying new water bottles.

In this way, Bobble is also an environmentally positive product too. By encouraging reuse and therefore reducing the amount of plastic water bottles bought and disposed of after a single use, Bobble is a key eliminator of plastic waste.

If you’re traveled anywhere in the world with less developed waste removal process, you’ll know the blight of plastic bottles which scar the landscapes of many of the most beautiful countries on earth. Helping to reduce the amount of heart-breaking pollution and the impending landfill catastrophe caused by plastic bottles, Bobble is an exciting part of low-cost, green technology advancements.

The Bobble filter works as a positively charged charcoal filter. This means it simply draws the negative ion impurities out of the water. It does this as the liquid passes through the filter when the bottle is tipped up to drink from.

Bobble filterscame with a specific bottle and are attach to the drinking cap that sits where the lid of the bottle would normally be. This means you can just keep refilling you Bobble bottle time and time again and the filter will keep on working to make the tap water taste better. Simple and easy to use, Bobble makes the perfect travel alternative to carrying awful-tasting iodine tablets or complex pump systems.

Bobble manufacturers say the filter will last for approximately 300 bottles full of water – so that’s 299 less plastic bottles going into landfill when compared to buying a new water bottle every time. As I said, Bobble is good for your pocket and the environment.

This is reinforced by the fact that the Bobble bottles are BPA-free, Phthalates-free, PVC-free, FDA Approved and NSF Certified. They are made in the US and can be recycled. Bobble bottles come in 3 different sizes 500ml, 650ml and 1l.

Bobble filters are available in a range of colours and all fit into the different sized Bobble bottles so you can mix and match as you go. There is also a mini-Bobble filter now available for kids. Prices start form only $10, so join the trend now and get your Bobble today.

Please note that Bobbles are not intended for use where water is microbiologically unsafe. It is not a good idea to store your Bobble in the freezer or use it in the dishwasher as this could damage the filter technology.

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