Keep Valuables Safe with the Doberman Travel Door Alarm

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As we travel with more and more technological devices these days, we’re opening ourselves up to lose more and more if things get stolen. Not only is there the cost and inconvenience of replacing the growing number of items themselves, but we are also at risk of losing things that can’t be so easily replaced.

Personal documents, photos and travel information are almost all stored electronically these days, meaning if your laptop, camera, iPod, tablet, netbook, phone or hard drive gets stolen, you could be in for a nasty shock.

Of course, accidents and mistakes always happen, but why not try to limit the chances of losing some of valuable possessions and save yourself a whole lot of headache and money? Why not same some practical steps to lower this risk and ensure the safety of your belongings?

If you follow my advice, you certainly will and that’s why I’m recommending the Doberman Travel Door Alarm as a crucial piece of kit for modern travellers. For under $15, you can purchase this travel door alarm that will significantly lower the risk of items being stolen for your hotel or apartment.

This small and handy travel item is incredibly cheap, light weight, portable and will save you a hell of a lot of money in the long run should it be put to use.

You can brilliantly and simply use to Doberman Travel Door Alarm to protect yourself in the event of a break-in by attaching this handy devise over the knob of your hotel room or apartment door. You then place the metal sprint clip between the doorjamb and the door. If anybody then tries to enter the room, the Doberman Travel Door Alarm will emit a high-pitched 100dB alarm signal.

The Doberman Travel Door Alarm is designed to be use while you are in the room and the door you are putting the alarm on is closed. In this way, it brilliantly protects you from hotel theft and break-ins while you are asleep, meaning you can rest with complete peace of mind.

In this way, not only does the Doberman Travel Door Alarm ensure the safety of your possessions, but also it ensures of the safety of your person. This is particularly beneficial for solo female travellers who may have concerns over their safety.

The Doberman Travel Door Alarm also comes with a cleverly built-in flashlight and includes a set of batteries. It continually gets rave reviews due to its efficacy and effectiveness.

So why not keep your valuables and family safe when travelling with the Doberman Travel Door Alarm.


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