Never Pay Excess Baggage Fees with a Digital Luggage Scale

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Never pay excess baggage fees to an airline again with a set of the best quality handheld, digital scales. Time and time again, a product like this will provide you with the most accurate reading of your luggage weight before you get to the check-in desk, meaning you can just relax and enjoy the journey.

The Ivation Handheld Luggage Scale has a110-Pound Capacity and is specifically designed to weigh your baggage in an easy and manageable way. Fitted with a versatile strap that can be attached to almost any bag, all you need do is simply click your bag to the scale’s strap.

By pressing just one button, you’ll then receive instant and precise information about the weight of your bag on an easy to read display screen.

The large, clear display screen on the Ivation digital Handheld Luggage Scale is one of this product’s best features. Complete with a bright, blue backlight, it makes the weight of your bag simple and easy to read. By pressing the included hold button, you are also able to keep the weight of your bag on the display screen, meaning you no longer have to rely on inaccurate guesswork to dictate your packing.

Stop worrying about airline excess baggage fees, what you can or can’t take. Just let the Ivation Digital Handheld Luggage Scale do the hard work for you.

Readings on the Ivation digital Handheld Luggage Scale are given in both pound/oz or kg/g, making this the perfect solution for frequent flyers around the world. The scale is light and compact and can easily be carried in your luggage, allowing you to weigh your bags again on your return journey.

Battery operated, the Ivation Digital Handheld Luggage Scale has a long life span and does not require frequent replacement. This is due, in part, to the scale’s automatic shutdown mode, which preserves battery life and takes over when the scale has not been used for a few minutes.

The scale is also sold with a battery included, meaning it is ready for use straight away.

At only $12.99 the Ivation Digital Handheld Luggage Scale is an incredibly cost-effective product that continues to get rave reviews. Save yourself a potential fortune in airline baggage fees and potential headache worth of stress and simply invest in this excellent product.

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