Charge Anywhere, Anytime: Presenting the ECBC Portable Power Pack

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 There are few things more annoying than going to make all an important call only to find your phone is out of battery, or going to take a photo of a beautiful sunset only to find your camera is flat. Finding our essential technology tools have run out of juice at a crucial moment is a come occurrence when we are on the move.

Being out of routine, and away from familiar surroundings exacerbate this issue when we are traveling. With sockets that might not charge our equipment as well as at home or with full days spent out at the beach or away on day trips, traveling can make charging our favorite electrical equipment harder than usual. That’s why the ECBC Portable Power Packis such a lifesaver.

This sleek and slim-lined, portable recharging unit is a lifesaver for making sure your small important technology devices always have battery life no matter where in the world you are. With enough stored power to be able to charge between 3-5 small electrical devices, you can rest easy that with the ECBC Portable Power Pack you’ll always have the power you need even if you can’t get to a mains socket or outlet.


Easily fitting into your handbag, briefcase, carry-on, pocket, backpack, purse or laptop bag, the ECBC Portable Power Pack is light, flat and compact. Similar to only a mobile phone in size, it’s the perfect travel companion, providing you with great peace of mind without taking up room or weight in your luggage.

The ECBC Portable Power Pack is compatible with most micro-USB devices and utilises a rapid charge technology that delivers an exceptionally quick and efficient recharge. The ECBC Portable Power Pack re-charges when plugged into any computer or USB port and brilliantly comes with a micro USB to USB cable, so you can charge almost any small electrical device.

A handy illuminated series of LED’s indicate the level of charge remaining within the ECBC Portable Power Pack and the devise cleverly maximises its latent battery life through automatically shutting off when not in use.

With so many of us working remotely nowadays, the need to be connected wherever we are is even greater. The ECBC Portable Power Pack will help ensure you never miss a crucial meeting, email or phone call. The ECBC Portable Power Pack will also help you keep in touch with loved ones, friends and family no matter where you are in the world, making sure you’re always contactable when needed.

So for peace of mind and the reliable power you need when traveling, we highly recommend the ECBC Portable Power Pack. At just $42.99 USD this product is very competitively priced and there is an incredible further 25% off deal if you sign up to the ECBC newsletter here.

With free delivery offered on any purchase over $75, there really is no reason for you not get the ECBC Portable Power Pack for your next trip and make sure you’re able to take every photo and phone call you need.


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