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I’ve recently discovered this great invention and can’t get over what a simple and successful idea it is! The travel hoodie pillow is the new way to get a decent sleep, or at least a more peaceful rest, when you’re on the move.

This most ingenious part of this product is its discretion. The pillow easily deflates, meaning you can happily store it in your carry-on luggage and don’t need to be “that traveller” with a huge pillow waiting to board the airplane. This alone has led me to call the travel hoodie pillow the best travel pillow you can get.

The other main discretion feature this product boats is the hoodie itself, which allows you to sleep or even just shut your eyes with a bit more privacy. Having something like a hoodie over your head, and even eyes, just creates a bit more of a barrier between you and neighboring passengers.

In a traveling world where we’re increasingly being squeezed into smaller seats with less room between us, this is a godsend and another great reason I’ve been led to call the travel hoodie pillow the best travel pillow.

As you’ve probably guessed, I like the look of this travel hoodie pillow a lot more than the conventional travel pillows. I like its comfort, its discretion and its compact ability to be tucked away into your luggage. I also like the soft feel of the fabric and the ability to adjust the hood and head size using a simple pair of drawstrings.

I am also calling this travel hoodie pillow the best travel pillow because of its outstanding price, which is a bargain at under $20. There are a good choice of colours available and many reviewers have claimed thetravel hoodie pillowhas greatly helped their flight anxiety and in-flight sleeping ability.

This is probably due to the fact that the product almost entirely eliminates any visible light that might keep you awake while travelling.

If you’re interested in this product, then you’ll be pleased to know there is also a memory foam addition, which gives a bit more support if required. It doesn’t deflate of course, but does give a superior pillow feel.

Equally a hooded pillowcase version, which can be fitted around a normal-sized pillow, is also designed to increase comfort. The hood is simply attached the center of the pillow in this instance and around this, the pillow includes a little pocket that is perfect for housing an iPod or iPhone. This is a great product for those less limited by space.

So as the best travel pillow, isn’t it time you checked out the travel hoodie pillow and had the best sleep ever while on the move.

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