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A good headlamp is quite simply one of the key essentials you need to purchase and pack when embarking on any travels. Incredibly useful as a reading light, for seeing during power cuts, when camping or for safety purposes, a good headlamp is as versatile and handy as it is hands-free and practical.

Without a doubt, the best headlamp I’ve found to take traveling is the Vtin Aurora Headlamp. I love its reasonable price tag as well as its excellent beam, diverse range of settings and the fact it is waterproof! I know, waterproof, how good is that!

TheVtin Aurora Headlamp is super bright, with luminescence up to 130m in its strong white light mode. This is an incredibly strong beam for a small, lightweight product and means you can safely enjoy outdoor activities at night, feel safe walking home in the dark or cook up a storm out in the wild!

The fact that this headlamp is waterproof makes enjoying the outdoors even easier as you needn’t worried about it being damaged by rain or snow – a great piece of mind I’ve found in tropical downpours!

There are a total of 6 settings on the Vtin Aurora Headlamp – a glare, low beam and flashing mode are all available in 2 colours – either a red or white light. It’s easy to flick between the settings at the simply touch of a button. This range of 6 settings is one of the greatest I’ve come across in a head torch and is why I think the Vtin Aurora is the best headlamp around.

This is furthered by the Vtin Aurora zoom features, which make it incredibly easy to focus on smaller specific objects, or change and protect lighter over a broader area. All you have to do is simply rotate the lamp to turn its highly focused beam into a wider angle of light. This means the Vtin Aurora can be used just as easily to read a book in your hostel dorm as it can to find items in the back of your car during a late night road trip.

The Vtin Aurora Headlamp also has an adjustable head strap, making it comfortable and suitable for almost anyone. It is also easy to remove the strap to clean it regularly, which is a nice touch.

The reasons why I think the Vtin Aurora is the best headlamp could go on and on, but I’ll end by saying this product is also incredibly compact and lightweight, weighing less than 1kg. It also comes with a 12 month warranty guarantee.

Being honest, I really can’t find any down points to this product; so, if you’re looking to buy the best headlamp for your next travels, I strongly recommend checking out the Vtin Aurora Headlamp, it’s certainly my favourite!

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