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adventure toursNo matter where you travel around the world, there are many adventure tours offered for all manner of things. Planning an adventure tour while traveling can be exciting but it is prudent to research any that appeals to you before committing yourself to any.

The first step

The first step to planning an adventure tour is to choose a reputable tour operator, one who will cover all aspects of travel, which should include visa’s, permits and any injections that may be required for the country to which you intend to travel.

Travel Insurance

One of the most important things to do before you set off on any adventure tour is to take out travel insurance. The way the modern world is today no traveler can afford to be without insurance.

Passports and Money

When traveling and planning an adventure tour on your own. keep your documents handy, particularly if you are visiting a foreign country and you don’t speak the language. Make a copy of your passport to carry with you at all times and leave the original in the hotel safe.

Never carry all your money or credit cards with you, always leave some in the hotel safe along with your passport. It is advisable to have some back up funds and credit cards in another location in case you lose your wallet.

A Family Adventure Tour

If the whole family is traveling and you wish to plan an adventure tour then it’s best to involve everyone in the discussion on where to go and what to see. Children should be given an opportunity to suggest regions that they may have learnt about at school and have a desire to visit. Give them some responsibility for the trip even if it is only to carry a map, at least they will feel that they are included in decision making.

Equipment that you may need: It is also important to research the equipment that you may need when traveling for your chosen adventure tour as you don’t want to be carting any unnecessary items with you. Make sure that you have warm clothing if you are venturing to a cool climate.

Wet weather gear, water, cameras, snacks and most important of all is to remember to take any prescribed medication that you normally have. Good quality comfortable walking shoes are a must, but be sure to have them broken in before starting on your adventure tour, as you won’t want blisters spoiling your travels.

Tropical Climates

When traveling and planning an adventure tours to a tropical climate a different aspect on traveling is required. If your adventure tour takes you to a mosquito prone area, then insect repellent is a must to be packed. Sometimes salt tablets will be advised as well as quinine tablets. Check with your travel agent to be sure you have a list of requirements for the region that you intend to visit on your adventure tour.

Fellow Travelers

It is an idea to speak with other people that you meet while traveling as they often have good tips for an adventure tour that may appeal to you. Word of mouth is usually the best recommendation.

Culture and hiking

No matter what your choice of adventure tour is when traveling, there are many tours that combine culture with hiking For instance Peru has a wonderful culture to be explored and it is able to combine both in a four day tour. You not only see stunning scenery but learn of the history of the Incas. All you will need is a day back pack, wet weather gear, camera, snacks and water as well as those well-worn in walking boots for your adventure tour of the Inca culture.


While traveling through Africa you will find a country of contrasts and it offers a diversity of adventure tours, from observing the wildlife to trekking through the rich jungles and desserts to seeing snow-capped mountains. An African safari would be an exciting adventure to take. However because it is a vast country that covers a wide range of exciting adventure tours, it would be advisable to create a list of “must see or do”. Decide if you wish to just view the wildlife or bungee jump over Victoria Falls or track elusive black Rhinos or Gorillas.


Europe offers of a multitude of adventure tours. Cycling is one of the most popular ways to travel and it is an inexpensive way to experience all that is on offer. Tour operators who run their own cycling tours tend to offer a better tour. However be mindful of hidden costs on any adventure tour.


Australia like many countries offer a diverse range of adventure tours when traveling , from the outback to the reef, there is bound to be something for everybody.

So when deciding to tackle an adventure tour research is the the key to a successful trip. The more knowledge you have about the region that you wish to visit the better you adventure.

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