Hey, whats going on fellow travelers ?

Welcome to Top Travel Equipment, maybe you’re new here, or maybe you’ve been here since the beginning, (we got hacked once, so welcome to site no 2).  Whatever the case, thanks for visiting and looking around.

Our Story

Top Travel Equipmentis a site dedicated for hardcore travelers and the occasional travels alike.  As a team of contributors (read below), we love traveling and are always looking for cheaper and easier ways to travel.

What the latest best travel equipment is, like The Best Travel Headlamp or the 5 Essentials I never leave home without and the best way to waterproof your phone.

Everything has been tried and tested… We hope you like what you find.

The Contributors


Samantha is a seasoned traveler, taking the first backpacking trip around Africa straight out of school. Samantha has found plenty of travel equipment along the way that makes travel so much easier.


Chris Carr is retired, and loves nothing more then writing about travel, wine and fitness.  The 3 things that make life worthwhile, for anyone.


Garry Cooper is the resident OFF ROAD holiday specialist. He’s already driven from one end of Australia to the other, taking every back road and goat track he can.

He gives the best tips, tricks and information that he can about going off road for holidays.